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Architecture + Design

Design is a meaningful & logical arrangement of various entities with respect to time & space; and its realization in physical world is the Architecture. There exists very thin inseparable line between Art, Design & Architecture, when one exceeds other's territory and overpowers is difficult to judge. In-fact these are so vast and limitless entities that one can’t comprehend in single life. In our daily life we are dealing with it everywhere and every moment. The great Master Corbusier has validly said that, space, light and shade are the very tools of Architects. Here we share our very small contribution to such great cosmos.

Grafix + Visualization

Graphix is the artistic representation of one's ideas. Thus a great medium of expression in media & entertainment. Designs & Concepts can be reviewed and tested with help of various visualization, simulation and renderings before actual execution. When combined together, can give life to mere thoughts and ideas once trapped in mind. Experience the things first hand before actual materialization. Our effort here is to fulfil the need of the hour and provide stunning graphics & visualization as the situation & composition demands.

Art + Photography

Color, Light, Shade & thought is all needed to express creativity in any medium. This is what art is all about. Capturing the omnipresent expressions, moments in this physical world is Photography. Our work ranges from professional artwork to daily newspaper cartoons & Hobby photography to serious breathtaking moment grabs & exploration of nature.

D - Box

D-box is Design Box, a container of all the cool stuffs and freebies. As life is full of stress & worries, It is not desirable to always work, & one should find place for recreation and leisure too. So find cool free Wallpapers, Cartoons, Design Tips, Some current discussions & Stories at D - Box and enjoy precious life.